We hate SPAM as much as you do!*

Joatmon Services does not send, has not sent, and will not send out unsolicited (commercial) email, also known as spam. WE DO NOT sell insurance, viagra, cigarettes, investment opportunities, TV cable filters, xxx related material, fake watches, any pharmaceutical products, etc. etc. Nor do I send emails from Nigeria asking to share in the wealth of some deceased person. But crooks have also used our domain, joatmon.com, to send spam of different kind. If you receive unsolicited email from joatmon.com, please check the headers of the spam you received, to determine which IP it actually came from. From there you will see that the unsolicited email is forged email and came in reality not from joatmon.com. We would kindly ask you to complain to the Spammers true account provider. Please note also that a forged/fraudulent email may contain viruses that may harm your computer. So, please -always- be careful! Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent this misuse of our domain name. We can only apologize for any spam or forged email which you may receive bearing our name.

Thank you for reading and your understanding.

*We have nothing against the canned meat of the same name.