Do I really need a web site?

 Many people have been asserting that all small businesses should and will become eBusinesses, doing most of their selling, communicating, and computing using the Internet. They see an enormous, almost untapped market bursting forth right now. Others don't see broad adoption of the Internet by small businesses, or view the "notoriously fragmented" nature of this market, as reasons why there's no money to be made here. We believe that both of these views are mistaken. A large percentage of small businesses are clearly willing and able to use the Internet as part of their relationships with customers (and will benefit from such use), but only for appropriate purposes, such as a basic informational web site. For most, "being like Amazon", online catalogs with credit card transactions, is not that purpose.

 We've surveyed a vast variety of businesses and found that few fit the Amazon model -- yet the general market remains huge. Basic web sites are becoming a core part of the marketing mix for many small businesses. The business owners know they need one -- even if they're not sure exactly why. And the cost of basic Internet, such as simple web sites, fits well within the marketing budget of most small businesses.

 The total number and variety of online businesses is huge. The number of potential "buy it on the web with a credit card" companies is a pretty small percentage. The variety of different needs from customer relationship management or back office integration systems is huge, yet the number of companies you can actually imagine deploying something that takes time to set up and maintain is small.

 The percentage of these businesses that could benefit from the use of an informational web site is quite high. For yarn spinning mills to beauty salons to motor vehicle dealers, posting their products and services, what their hours are, where they are located, and answers to frequently asked questions is valuable.

So let's discuss how Joatmon Services can help advance your business today.