Network Design and Installation

An intelligently planned computer network enables a small organization to run more smoothly and efficiently. It assists your staff in keeping their work organized by establishing consistent procedures for the creation, storage and production of documents and other data. Effective email, faxing and document sharing systems facilitate communication among your staff as well as between staff and their outside constituencies. A proper network centralizes your organization's key information resources and -- with a complete backup system -- protects your staff's long hours of work from disasters such as power outages or other contingencies. Having a well thought-out and properly implemented network is a lot like having an assistant for everyone in your organization.

Joatmon Services specializes in customizing networks to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Whether you're installing a network from scratch or upgrading your existing information technology, we will be happy to work with you to ensure that the result meets our definition of an intelligently planned computer network.

Network Support

The most valuable and important part of a network are the people who keep it running - without the proper care and attention, the best-designed networks can fail in their fundamental mission: to serve the user. Joatmon Services has the experience working with organizations keeping their networks running smoothly without draining their budgets! Joatmon Services has a staff of trained professionals available to service your network - and all Joatmon Services engineers are chosen primarily on their ability to communicate in understandable terms, to listen and to implement technology the right way, the first time.

Joatmon Services understands that there is no "one size fits all" method of providing computer network support to everyone. Support needs change based on size, complexity, user skill, financial and geographic considerations. For this reason, Joatmon Services offers three different support plans, each one customizable to your specific needs.

Hourly Support

Organizations with small networks or infrequent service needs are likely to find our hourly service plan most economical. This plan, charged by the hour, offers the flexibility of service by request or on a scheduled basis.

Contract Support

For larger projects, requiring the sustained work over several months, Joatmon Services can place a network engineer on-site at discounted rates with a minimum commitment of one 8-hour day per week.

Remote Network Monitoring

The best way to avert network problems is to be proactive about monitoring network servers - constantly checking resources, logs, virus signature updates and backup histories. Joatmon Services can remotely monitor your servers with whatever frequency you desire, potentially saving your organization thousands of dollars in downtime.

Disaster Recovery Services

It's 4:20pm on a Friday afternoon and you have to get your AutoCAD files to the printers before a 5:00 deadline when a server hard drive crashes taking your files with it. Now you've got a dead server, a missed deadline, an unhappy client and lost revenue. Disaster. With Joatmon Services's help, equipment failures of this sort don't have to be disasters - only small setbacks that are quickly and calmly resolved.

Disaster Recovery Services is the process of protecting yourself against lost data or downtime as a result of hardware or software failure. If your organization has any computers at all, eventually something will fail and the level of catastrophe will depend upon your level of readiness. Joatmon Services can help you be prepared.

Joatmon Services approaches disaster recovery planning in three stages:


We will perform an analysis of your current system to identify weaknesses and potential "single points of failure". These findings are summarized in writing.


Our Advanced Networking Services group will take steps to implement whatever suggestions are made during the analysis.


Recovery procedures from any type of failure are documented so that your staff will know exactly what steps to take in the event of a critical failure.