Custom Built to your needs...
 Whether you're looking for a workstation, home pc, Server, or Point of Sales machine, we will address YOUR individual needs and build a computer that's just right for you!

Only brand name "High Quality" components...
 One of the reasons we're areound and are staying around is that we use only the best in hardware and software for our customized computers. We represent the best in major brand hardware and peripherals such as Intel, AMD, Western Digital, Hewlett Packard, Plextor, and much more. Only the best components... We use the best in technology with your ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Tailored to you...
 We do not stock PC's for one main reason, our computers are as individual as you are. They are built for you with your individual specifications. Companies that stock PC's tend to steer their clients towards the items they currently have in stock. Thereby keeping their own interest in mind, not yours.

You get what you pay for, ... and then some
 Just give us a try and you'll see that we offer the best value for your investment. We're happy to give you an estimate for the exact system that you need. Just email us and we'll be glad to show you the best value for computers around.

Support the whole way through
 The main reason why Joatmon Services maintains it's client base is that we never try for the one-time kill. We build a relationship with our clients and service them from year to year. There are no 800 numbers with outlandish hold times and no 'take a number' settings with underpaid staff reading from a script. We are available to you whether you problem is large or small. We offer on-site and extended service contracts options to ensure your continuing satisfation.

 If you're not sure about the product features you'd like, give us some idea of what you want to use the computer(s) for, the price range you're looking at, and any other specific information you can give us. After all, we are Consultants.